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Housegroups galleryImage: Copyright iStockPhoto.com, used under license. Credit:pamela_d_mcadams

We currently have 11 housegroups with almost 100 members in total. In a nutshell, housegroups are regular meetings, held in homes, for Bible study, discussion and prayer. Such groups form one of the important foundation blocks of any vibrant church fellowship. They provide the place where we can care and share with each other as we pray and study God’s Word together.

Housegroups are informal groups, most of which meet fortnightly, some in the daytime, some in the evening, in which we are able to study the Bible together, ask questions in an friendly, relaxed and informal environment and grow together as Christians. They help us to better understand our faith and provide us with resources to live it out in our daily lives; they also enable us to have deeper fellowship than is possible in the invariably brief encounters that take place before and after church services on a Sunday. 

Why not consider trying one of the housegroups – and if that doesn’t suit, try another. If you would like to join one please contact either David Wilson (Housegroups Coordinator) on 0116 230 3402 or  Rob Gladstone (Vicar) on 0116 230 2241. Don’t miss the opportunity to study God’s Word with others, deepen our fellowship and care for one another.